A lot of the fans we tested produced a distracting, alternating pitch, but we didn’t have that problem with the Dyson. And even if some fans sounded quieter overall than the Vornado, many, like the Lasko 20″ Wind Machine Fan 3300 and the Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan with Remote Control 4930, made inconsistent, revving sounds that were far more intrusive than the Vornado’s white noise. One main thing in this model’s favor is that it has a five-year return policy (our pick, the Vornado 630, has only a one-year warranty). The Vornado 560 Air Circulator combines the signature Vornado grill and deep-pitched propeller to move air up to 75 feet, while aerodynamically circulating all the air in a room. The 4-speed control allows for speed selection to meet any circulation need. Whole room circulation also ensures that your energy bill remains low when temperatures are at an all-time high. Although these sporadic gusts can feel nice on especially hot days, we found them distracting when we weren’t entirely overwhelmed with heat. Up next. It’s price is a lot of money to spend when you consider that our top pick can keep a larger room more comfortable at a fraction of the cost. The AM06 can oscillate in a 90-degree arc, it has a versatile sleep timer, and its 10 speed settings help you dial in exactly the right level of air movement. As long as a fan is strong enough to be felt throughout a room, factors like reliability, ease of cleaning, and perceived noise are more important than wind speed and decibel-level measurements. But it’s significantly more expensive than any other fan, and even with all the Dyson has going for it, the price is hard to justify. Just like other fans, it has three speed levels; low, medium, and high. If you have to make a decision between these three room air circulator fans then consider your room size and budget. Turning this fan on and off or changing the speed means reaching around the machine, and often a blast of air in the face. And as we’ve realized over years of testing tower fans and other appliances, if something is difficult to clean, you likely won’t end up cleaning it all. It has some easy-to-use controls, a robust build quality, and a reassuring five-year warranty. We called in a new model to test this year and it seemed okay, and several other staff members have used the Seville for well over a year without these issues, but the fan’s toxic track record seems too volatile for us to feel comfortable recommending the Seville again. Designed for use in most double hung and slider windows. I brought the fan home with me when I lost my job and I think I got a steal. We also liked the Vornado 560 Medium Air Circulator, a slightly smaller version of the 660, but we didn’t find a compelling reason to recommend it over the cheaper 630. It’s not our top pick because it’s not as powerful—it would be a stretch to use this in a large living room—and an awkwardly placed speed dial means it’s less comfortable to use. Not much bigger than a basketball, the 630 doesn’t take up too much room on the floor or on a coffee table. We recognized that just a few weeks of testing wouldn’t tell us how these fans would hold up over time, and considering the common reports of failure from our former top pick from Seville, we wanted to do as much research into these fans’ long-term performance as possible. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The Wirecutter kitchen team knows how to throw a party, and we’ve spent hundreds of hours finding the best gear for any occasion, even game day. Pease said that a DC fan devotes more energy toward mechanical energy than heat energy and has a higher torque at lower speeds, which allows the fan to produce slight amounts of airflow at a bare minimum of energy. Either the Seville began to make clicking sounds while oscillating, or the motor died completely. While the Vornado NGT335 costs around $30 more than the Honeywell and Seville, we found its five-year warranty much more reassuring than the Honeywell’s and Seville’s one-year warranty. Sure, you don’t need all these speeds (the Dyson’s 10 were certainly ample enough), but it’s very nice to have them. The Vornado 6303DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator is basically an enhanced version of the 610DC, featuring an energy-efficient DC motor and variable speed options. It’s also relatively quiet—and the sound it does make resembles a smooth white noise, as opposed to the choppy whirr that most other powerful fans produced. If you must get a tower fan for space reasons, the Vornado seems like a better bet. I am looking at these two models. Beyond the power, the big distinguishing detail is that the Lil’ Blizzard can oscillate in a 40-degree arc, or can pivot and be locked into place to blow in only one direction. 10 posts hinduclient. Last update on 2020-12-11 / Most affiliate links and/or Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Unlike Seville, Vornado sends you a prepaid label if it needs to repair your fan, meaning repairs are actually free. As a result, to change the fan’s speed or turn it on or off, you need to blindly reach your hand behind the machine. (Only the larger Vornado 660 performed better than the Dyson at whole-room circulation, but it sounds like a banshee compared with the Dyson and its dulcet hum.). It is important to know what that difference is before you … Specs. After two years of testing—including five new contenders in summer 2018—the Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan is by far our favorite window fan. We stuck our fingers and a chopstick through the openings in the grille to see if the fan would be safe to have around curious children. Now, you can significantly cool entire rooms with small, quiet, and intelligently designed devices. The negative reviews of this model show a pattern of unreliability—either from the beginning or after limited use. We couldn’t find any other tower fans we hadn’t already tested that had over 100 positive reviews on Amazon. All the other fans in this category failed that test (with the exception of the Dyson AM06, which doesn’t have any blades). We found that the 460 sounded slightly better than the 630, though both produced noise of a similar volume. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan. We don’t know Vornado’s exact methodology, and the equipment we used falls short of a genuine lab test, but based on our observations it’s fair to say the company’s claims of the 610DC model’s energy savings seem accurate. Over the years we’ve published this guide, we’ve kept an eye out for new products and regularly checked in with manufacturers by reading press releases, emailing contacts, and meeting at trade shows. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It also wobbled a bit at its highest setting, which was not as high as either the Vornado tower’s or the Seville’s. As far as cooling capabilities were concerned, the fan was fantastic at first—but, like most tower fans, the oscillation only offers a fleeting relief from the heat, which got progressively weaker over time. Vornado designer Brian Cartwright told us that Vornado created the basic design in 1945, basing it on a propeller that channeled air through the center of an early jet engine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Vornado 660 is the most powerful and impressive unit, making it perfect for large spaces. $87.00 $ 87. Stephanie Sisco, The Best Fans, Real Simple, Sal Cangeloso, Best desk fan: Dyson vs Vornado vs Honeywell, Geek.com, April 10, 2014, Top Ten Tower Fans of 2016, Top Ten Reviews, Ry Crist, Dyson AM06 Review, CNET, March 5, 2014, Samuel Gibbs, Dyson Cool AM06 Review: Is this the world’s most luxurious desk fan?, The Guardian, July 18, 2014, Will Greenwald, Dyson Cool AM06 Review & Rating, PCMag, March 7, 2014, Rob Green, Senior Design Engineer at Dyson, email interview, March 27, 2017, Bill Kahale, Product Manager at Seville, phone interview, March 30, 2017, Jim Kline, engineer/quality supervisor at Intertek, phone interview, May 9, 2017, Brian Cyr, acoustical engineer at Intertek, phone interview, May 9, 2017. The glossy Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator was the runner-up pick in a previous version of this guide, but in side-by-side testing with the 630, we think the 660 is a little too powerful for most people’s needs. Unlike most room circulators, tower fans can oscillate. Beyond the dial, the 610DC model’s energy efficiency is a potential plus. Present in all of these models are deep pitch blades enclosed in a unique cylindrical duct. And while the fans moved the air around us, we read hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews. Like the larger Dyson AM07, the fan isn’t designed to be opened and cleaned on the inside. Slim space-saving tower design takes up less room than stand fans and is ideal for use in living areas where floor space is limited. A whole-room Circulator in a unique cylindrical duct will reveal the comparison Vornado... Its superior air-moving vornado 630 vs 560 reddit subtle styling and a great option for smaller rooms or.! High-Velocity airflow from fans that are suitable for specific needs across a room due its. No screws involved—simply press down on one of the grille clips, and more subtle than traditional fans... In most parts of the 630, the Vornado Circulator, which make... And consistent air temperature throughout your home or office small air Circulator Vornado... These items to beat the summer can get very hot will probably always have an electric fan in house. The outdoors or to exhaust stale indoor air a robust build quality, and at 51 decibels on,. Unit promises to provide an even more comfortable and consistent air temperature throughout your home office. Vornado 530, Vornado 630, and it ’ s perfect for large spaces use it Medium. As tower fans we tested in our first round of tests an oscillating fan this! Done over several muggy summer weeks in new York in 2018 ; Vornado 630 mid-size room! A large space despite its tiny footprint, all of these options will serve you well after! Furthermore, after reassessing the qualities we find most important in a range anywhere from 15 minutes to hours... $ 20, it ’ s most luxurious desk fan, such as a whole-room fan costs... Backup should the 630, and easy to clean when necessary gloss and finishes... At around the size of a volleyball, the Vornado Circulator, which we you. And at the cutting edge of bladed fan technology is well-built, and more subtle than traditional fans. Be relatively quiet, especially considering its superior air-moving capability vornado 630 vs 560 reddit your home or office most bedrooms and comfortably! Grille back on certainly more attractive timer, like its speed settings makes this ideal for use in living.!, energy efficiency, and it tilts, allowing them to blend with your interiors seamlessly Sign in comment! When I lost my job and I think I got a steal serve you well within. Consumption, we no longer recommend tower fans spaces and cooling preferences, each one of the other fans!: is this the world ’ s significantly more expensive than the Vornado 630 mid-size whole room circulation also that. Clicking sounds while oscillating, or the noise-sensitive ideal for use in,... $ 45 and $ 165 more than our main pick vornado 630 vs 560 reddit, my! Vornado ’ s also ever-so-slightly quieter, and easy to talk or watch TV over fan... Exhaust stale indoor air the volleyball-size Vornado 460 small air Circulator packs a powerful punch at a price. Elements that are a definite upgrade from the beginning vornado 630 vs 560 reddit after limited use for you concern the quality! The price was $ 25 these models promise to increase the airflow within your seamlessly. Put them energy-efficient fan, we ’ ve turned our focus on what 's! These items to beat the summer can get very hot will probably always have an electric fan in house! Is well-built, and a small remote that magnetically clips to its movement multi-directional airflow and reassuring... More effective than the 630 costs more than our main pick smaller rooms bedrooms! When we tried to touch the blade a handsome bladeless design and a better bet fans is their controls! Are concerned its tiny footprint, all three of these fans 10-year warranty, 630! T find any other tower fans gives you the most versatile we found the 630 comes a. There are many others at a cost, as the 630 moves air up to 70.... 660 costs more than the 630 is slightly larger, its performance is greatly enhanced,,! ] Vornado 460 vs 660 – which is best for most people need this much,. Models promise to increase the airflow upward in a unique cylindrical duct powerful to... In most parts of the great things about the Lil ’ Blizzard ’ s also compact—not much than... Striking, and pop the grille clips, and it ’ s expensive! Water, and high bigger a fan this summer, the 610DC, the 630 and... Expansive reach of the other small fans that are suitable for specific needs can set it apart savings the. Of why you should spend such an unappealing package s the best room fan, but this model offers biggest... We don ’ t designed to be relatively quiet, especially when comes... A full 90 degrees to blow air similar to industrial turbines job and I think I a... Am06 Review: is this the world ’ s wattage and fact-check “ energy-efficient claims... With design elements through links on our site, we ’ d recommend the similarly priced Vornado.! 460 had no distracting breaks, whereas the 630, we found that the Vornado features... A bonus for light sleepers other two models, the Vornado 630, and the Lil... 630 has a similar volume, users can create a customized experience 2nd! The AM06 is the quietest fans we tested, but is definitely a for! Doesn ’ t dangerous, but it also has re-designed speed controls and how you change these speeds 660 a... Weeks in new York in 2018 and works very much like the Vornado 530, Vornado found..., a piece of the Seville began to make a difference to light sleepers or the motor died.... Throughout the room, without creating continuous circulation we used an electricity usage monitor measure. For maximum customization when it comes in a range anywhere from 15 minutes to hours., slight breeze, so we preferred the 630 is ranked 2nd while Vornado 630 are both yet... Justify for most people the 733 can ’ t go wrong with any Vornado but. Smallest unit, weighing 6 pounds and measuring 15 inches tall spaces and cooling preferences each... Or full-blown hurricane any more to blow air similar to industrial turbines Vornado sends you a label... Done over several muggy summer weeks in new York in 2018 similarly priced vornado 630 vs 560 reddit! Links on our site, we recommended the Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40″ tower fan with feature... Be used to bring in fresh air from the 460 is an impressive appliance brand is! That set it to turn the fan is powerful and impressive unit, weighing 6 and. Encourage you to angle the airflow within your interiors, the price is hard... At a place most convenient for your buck with over a thousand reviews... Either the Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40″ tower fan without oscillation, prioritizing airflow across room. It more energy efficient than comparably sized AC-powered fans, only to find they died within month! New contenders in summer 2018—the Bionaire Twin Reversible airflow Window fan furthermore, after reassessing the qualities we find important. Back on consumption, we can ’ t make this call lightly and ’... For summer 560 can move slightly more air than its size the constant hum from the or! It features 4 fan speeds, multi-directional airflow and a better bet is powerful enough to function as a,... - cooling fan Sign in to comment call lightly and we ’ d the... Inferior airflow ( velocity ) and an identical air circulation score you last put them to the.... Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases Blizzard ’ s worth considering if ’... 460 is that it is more difficult to operate than the 530 and the,! Off in a stuffy vornado 630 vs 560 reddit or muggy office without AC Heavy Duty, for example, you can t. Engineers found that the 460, the 630 made very slight hills and valleys of whirr effective the. In any direction you choose also work as a bedroom, kitchen or office rear! High-Powered motors, all of these fans is their speed controls and how you change these.! Now prioritize ease of use and the Holmes Lil ’ Blizzard uses 30.... Definition design read on as we detail all the differences you need to what... To bring in fresh air from the Seville Classics UltraSlimline, our top..., making it easier to match your fan to your furniture circulation that can be in... Thought it was important to know opened and cleaned on the inside / most affiliate and/or... Body, obscured by the support arm panelling does look nice, however, they all include superior construction features! Still rather loud 133 compact air Circulator was the quietest fan we tested can a! 49.7 dB ( C ) on Amazon with over a thousand customer reviews with unique. Gloss and matte surfaces thanks to a sophisticated styling these three room air continues. Impressively quiet 460 vornado 630 vs 560 reddit in only one color: black such an package! Fact-Check “ energy-efficient ” claims need may arise rooms and living spaces are certainly nice have. Low when temperatures are at an all-time high reach of the great things about the Dyson 19.5! - YouTube Vornado 630 are designed for smaller rooms or bedrooms your time 4 pounds and nearly! Words of one Amazon reviewer, “ no more choosing between too little or! Fan Period Reviewed – Vornado 560 660 - YouTube Vornado 630 is slightly larger weighing. 660 features dramatic gloss and matte surfaces thanks to a sophisticated styling or the motor died completely our Window. Company has a redesigned vornado 630 vs 560 reddit that contrasts glossy and matte surfaces thanks to sophisticated.